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I've always had a huge place in my heart for animals, especially dogs. When my daughter was born, meanwhile , we were also raising a lovely pup “DuDu”.  They grew up together,  The bond between them was so strong that they were sometimes more like siblings. “DuDu” expansive collection of canine accoutrement will more than confirm my dedication (obsession) to making his life comfy and more than just a wee-bit spoiled. And it was from my love of furry friends that Tobim Pet Products Co., Ltd was founded in 2012. 

We are a manufacturing and trading Combo for Pet products , with more than 7 years full experience and a professional sales team

We work to provide information , share stories and offer support to people who love the animals in their life in order to provide the very best care to their best friends .

Our products include pet apparel, pet beds , pet leashes/harness/collars, pet toys, pet carrier and pet grooming etc. .All of these designs are optimized for both functionality and beauty, to insure that the customer feels both that the product has improved their life and can display their purchase proudly. We launch more than 30 new items per month.

Our target is to offer you the best quality and the most innovative pet items at competitive prices in China. Your OEM and ODM products are welcome, our experienced engineers and designers can realize your ideas.

Thank you very much to visit our website , and we are looking forward to establish business cooperation with you soon.



Contact: Ava

Phone: WhatsApp +86 17051437877

Tel: +86 17051437877

Email: info@tobimpetproduct.com

Add: Fujiang Industrial Zone, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China

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